What's in your breast milk?


Until now, there has been no medical way to answer that question, leaving many moms without information to help optimize their baby’s nutrition. What’s the calorie content? Does it contain optimal vitamins and nutrients? Are environmental toxins present at levels that could be harmful to your baby?  Imagine being able to discover nutritional information about your breast milk as easily as reading a food label.
Using Lactation Lab's innovative and proprietary breast milk tests, mothers now have access to simple and affordable testing of the levels of key nutrients, fats and calories in breast milk, as well as for the presence of heavy metal toxins.

Lactation Lab’s founder, Stephanie Canale MD, is a family physician and mother of two. She worked with top chemists and a world-class research lab to develop these tests for her patients, which are now available commercially for the first time.



1. Order our home test kit
2. Collect the milk sample in your own home
3. Mail your sample to us
4. Get your results!