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Dr. Dawn DeSylvia, MD

Whole Life Health MD

As an integrative and functional medicine family physician, I know that the earlier a patient has access to healthy habits the better. And that truly starts in the womb, and continues at birth. 

Mothers who have the opportunity and desire to breastfeed are giving their children the best possible start in setting them up for good health and wellness. That said, not all mothers can or choose to breastfeed, and thankfully there are healthy alternatives for that. But for those mothers who do choose to breastfeed, I think there is such a tremendous need for a simple test to help mothers know exactly what is in their breast milk. Because as nourishing as breastmilk can be, sometimes, due to environmental toxins unbeknownst to the mother, it might actually cause harm. And at other times, though quite healthy, the milk may benefit from a boost in nutrients that can make it even healthier. That kind of information can help a mother increase the quality of her breast milk through dietary and supplemental practices in order to ensure the highest health for her child/children. Information is power, and for a mother to be more informed about exactly what she is feeding her little one is incredibly empowering and needed.

What's more is that you aren't just given information without any direction as to what to do with it. Based on your test results Lactation Lab provides nutrient suggestions and other recommendations to increase the quality of the breast milk you are giving your child. And when needed, you can take this information to an integrative physician that can provide further assistance with toxin elimination to protect both you and your child. 

There is so much we can do to protect our children, and Lactation Lab offers a great start! I’ve seen the difference it can make.


Dr. Tiffany Colby, MD

Family Medicine physician and mom of two boys

In my practice as a family medicine physician, I have been promoting breast-feeding for years—for both the infant and maternal benefits. Many of the moms in my practice do accept the immunity benefits. However, for a wide variety of reasons (infant weight gain, diet restrictions, postpartum complications, or just reassurance) mothers often wonder if they are getting the right balance of nutrients in their own breast milk compared to infant formula.

I breastfed each of my two boys for the first year of their lives and there were many times that I wish I knew what was in my breast milk. As the months flew by, there were times that my milk supply changed in quantity, color, and density, and I would have loved to have had access to information to help guide my diet and lifestyle in order to optimize the quality of my own breastmilk.


Dr. Nicole Blue, PhD

Environmental Chemist and mother of two

Because of my training as an environmental engineer, I frequently wondered about the quality of milk that I provided to my children through breastfeeding, including whether all of my children's nutritional needs were being met or if I should supplement my supply.  

I wish Lactation Lab was available at that time and am glad that it is now a resource available to nursing mothers