Out of necessity, we innovated a proprietary way to test breast milk, demystifying its incredible potential.



The process begins once you receive your kit. Since the nutritional content of your milk can change throughout each pumping session, we recommend collecting a small amount of milk as you pump throughout the day. Note that although diet directly affects the quantity of nutrients present, it can take a week or two them to appear in your milk.  


Your kit includes everything needed to prepare your sample. We provide all necessary packaging to ship your milk frozen (because frozen milk is easier to process and less likely to leak), though thawed milk won’t affect the results. Once you've returned your sample to us (prepaid shipping is included), it takes 3-5 days business days to process the sample in our state-of-the-art lab facility.  Note that Premium kits take 14-20 business days to fully process the additional fatty acid and toxin tests included.


Once we have completed testing, your results are immediately emailed to you as PDF explaining the importance of each measurement and suggestions for how to help improve the quality of your milk.