OUR STORy and Mission

The idea for Lactation Lab was born from personal experience, both as a doctor and as a mother. When I was breastfeeding my first child, I tried to eat well while also working full-time.  I was juggling my medical practice, being on-call, doing hospital work, while also trying to be the best mother I could.  I experienced difficulties first hand trying to keep up my milk supply and was concerned about the quality of my milk. This was only intensified when I gave birth to my second child 20 months later. She was born underweight and needed all the nutritional help she could get.  The scientist in me wanted to know what exactly was in my milk and what I could do to help her.

Extensive literature searches revealed blanket statements about the overall safety of breast milk but no tools or tests existed to find measurable, objective data. I wanted to confirm that I was providing my child with all of the nutrients she needed and more.

In my medical practice, many mothers expressed the same concerns about the quality of their breast milk and frustration with the inability to uncover any information about it through lab testing.  

Faced with these questions and an obvious need for answers, I decided to use the academic resources available to me, consult with my colleagues and develop a unique, comprehensive set of tests specifically for breastmilk.  

It is my hope that the scientific knowledge gained by this research will ensure that mothers everywhere raise the healthiest babies possible.

Dr. Stephanie Canale, MD