Dr. Stephanie Canale, MD

Stephanie Canale, M.D.

Stephanie earned her undergraduate and medical degrees from McGill University. She completed her residency training in Family Medicine at UCLA, and then was a part of the teaching faculty at the UCLA Family Health Center before joining UCLA Santa Monica in 2010. She is a also a member of the American Board of Family Medicine.

As a mother of two, she has a profound passion for helping families. Dr. Canale is a tireless advocate for moms and babies, on a constant quest to develop tools and support for families of all backgrounds and income levels. 


Medical Board Certifications

Family Medicine, American Board of Family Medicine, 2007


Family Practice, UCLA School of Medicine, 2005-2007


Family Practice, UCLA School of Medicine, 2004-2005


McGill University Faculty of Medicine, MD, 2004



Elyse Bennett, CLE, MSW

Elyse  is a Certified Lactation Educator and parenting expert who has been working with families for 20 years. Aside from her role at Lactation Lab, Elyse is a lactation consultant, mom's group leader and parent educator at The Pump Station in Los Angeles.

Elyse received her Masters in Social Work at USC with an emphasis in Children and Families and her Lactation Educator Certification from UCLA. A mother of two, she is passionate about helping women attain the most empowering breastfeeding experience possible.


paul chang.PNG

Chong Hyun (Paul) Chang, Ph.D.

Paul is a research scientist and expert in toxicology.  He currently serves as the Nanomaterial Core Manager at UCLA's UC Center for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology.  He received his PhD in Chemical and Environmental Engineering from UC Riverside in 2011.


Jennifer Ayla Jay, Ph.D.

Jennifer is a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UCLA, Department Vice Chair of the Graduate Studies program and Director of the Center for Environmental Research and Community Engagement.  She received her BS, MS and PhD all from M.I.T.  The focus of her research includes environmental pollution and how it affects our water, food supply and ultimately our health and that of our children.  She is also the mother of twins.